Ontario, Canada: AAGEF Entrepreneur Challenge 2021

For its seventh edition of the Entrepreneur Challenge, AAGEF is now welcoming applications from the most exciting start-ups. For the startup community, it's a perfect platform to be coached and advised by the industry top leaders.
Deadline for applications: Friday 15 October 2021
Official announcement and winners' ceremony: Wednesday 24 November 2021

All entrepreneurs are invited to apply. Upon submission, all applications will be reviewed by our selection committee. And then, the three finalists will be announced on a date to be announced later.
The three selected entrepreneurs will present in front of a jury of investors and top executives. The winners will be awarded cash gifts and prizes besides the invaluable guidance from top executives.

AAGEF Ontario, with over 2,000 executives, is a networking association of French Elite Graduate Schools alumni, living and working in Ontario. We also welcome Ontario-based alumni of Canadian and global Elite Universities. 
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  • Date
    le mercredi 24 novembre 2021 de 17:00 à 22:00
  • Date limite d'inscription
    vendredi 15 octobre 2021 00:00
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