Webinar: Lauren Rivera on How Elite Firms Hire

Professional services firms like banks, management consultants and law firms are at the top of many wishlists of target employers. Most people however don’t know how these firms make hiring choices, and especially how they choose between qualified candidates.
In this webinar Lauren Rivera, associate professor of management at Kellogg School of Management, draws on her award-winning research into hiring practices at elite professional services firms to show how the hiring process works, what qualities EPS firms prize in candidates and how they ultimately choose who to hire.
We will look at who gets chosen for interview, how these interviews work and how ultimately hiring decisions are made. In particular:
  • How firms evaluate baseline skills
  • How successful candidates talk about their motivations
  • How firms measure communication skills
  • The "stranded at the airport" test
  • The role of internal champions in the hiring process 

We will also look at missteps that can get you eliminated during the interview stages, as well as ways in which candidates who don’t precisely fit the mould have nonetheless been able to succeed.
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All attendees will receive the meeting slides, a recording and resource pack.
  • Date
    jeudi 16 novembre 2017 de 19:30 à 20:45
  • Date limite d'inscription
    jeudi 16 novembre 2017 19:30
  • Périmètre géographique
  • Lieu
    16 November
    19.30-20.45 Paris time