CCI France Chine Webinar: The oral care market of new generation: at the crossroad of health, beauty, creation & innovation 新时代口腔护理市场:健康、美业、创造与创新的“十字路口”



With the improvement of generation Z consumers' pursuit of life quality, the Oral Care market is developing rapidly. The niche market has a significant growth trend, and different needs have also fueled many new categories with a variety of innovative and personalized oral care brands on the market.


Today, we’re at the critical stage of Oral Care market development, and also at the crossroad of health, beauty, creation and innovation. The market is craving what products? How to stand out in the market? How to integrate brand, product and design harmoniously?... The latest industry trends and key points of innovation will be shared by 3 innovators of the health and beauty industries. We believe that this innovative seminar will bring you more inspiration and ideas! Let’s re-invent the oral care market together!

时至今日,新时代口护行业正处于发展中的关键阶段,也正处在健康、美业、创造与创新的“十字路口”。市场在渴望什么产品?如何在口护市场脱颖而出?如何让品牌、产品与颜值交织前行?...... 更多最新行业趋势、品牌创新要点,将由3位来自健康行业和美业的创新者带来分享。相信这场创新主题研讨会为您带来更多灵感和启发!期待您与我们共同重塑口护市场。


Mr. Jean-Yves BRUXER 蒲思凯

General Manager of Sethic 仙婷总经理

Deeply engaged in Asia’s health and beauty market for more than 20 years, with an enterprising determination to provide health and beauty innovative science solutions.


Mrs. Ying SANG 桑莹 

Executive Chairman of CBE China Beauty Expo CBE中国美容博览会执行主席

Since taking charge of the business management and the foreign affairs of China Beauty Expo, she has been finding new opportunities in the beauty industry with the international vision and the modern management philosophy.



General Manager of centdegrés Greater China 法尚大中华区总经理

Firmly convinced in innovation and creation, he has been helping many Chinese and international clients to create emotional brands in their accomplishment of ambitious projects with design and creativity.



Date: Wednesday, June 29th, 2022
Time: 15:30-16:30 in China / 09:30-10:30 in France
Languages: English & Mandarin
Prices: Free for Audencia Alumni & CCI FRANCE CHINE Member 
Venue: Webinar (the connection information will be sent by email after registration)
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  • Date
    le mercredi 29 juin 2022 de 09:30 à 10:30
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    mercredi 29 juin 2022 00:00
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