Webinar: Dorie Clark on reinventing your career

Changing career is difficult.  As we develop our skills and build a reputation in one job it seems harder and harder to let go of what we have and take on something new. 
In fact, successful career changes don’t abandon either their skills or their personal brand: they find a way to translate and re-invent them. In this webinar Dorie Clark will show how you can leverage your skills in a new role and re-invent yourself professionally.

Leveraging your skills
As we amass experience and expertise at work there is a natural tendency to specialise: we become better and better at doing our particular job but, if we are not careful, less suited to anything else.  Nobody wants to “start from scratch”.  But change may come whether we like it or not.  In this webinar Dorie Clark explores:
  • How we can leverage our current skills in a new environment
  • Different ways of researching a new career path
  • How test-drive a new career via “strategic moonlighting”
  • How to get help and make contacts in a new sector.
Reinvent yourself
The parallel problem of career change is persuading other people, especially the people you know, that you have changed course.  Often those close to us resist: they like us as we are.  Choosing the right time to “go public” and crafting a story that makes sense are critical.  In the webinar we will discuss:
  • When to talk about a new career
  • How to bring your credibility and reputation with you
  • How to use social media and content to raise your profile in a new field.
Homework and pre-reading

There is some self-assessment homework associated with this webinar.  You will get the most out of it if you are able to spend 2-4 hours before the event completing some of the assigned exercises.

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