WEBINAR | How to Navigate a Toxic Workplace

DATE: Tuesday 21 May 2024
TIME: 13:00 to 14:00 Paris time

Workplace toxicity comes in many forms. Sometimes personal vendettas run riot, or impossible workloads become the norm. Sometimes bullies are allowed to thrive and bosses are absent.

A key symptom of toxicity is that open dialogue shuts down. This broken communication hurts everyone; but those with less power in particular need good communication and influencing skills.

In this webinar, with Professor Connson Locke we examine the different strategies we can adopt when mistrust is high and collaboration is not happening.

We will discuss:

  • Why you need to clearly diagnose sources of toxicity
  • What to do if your boss is hostileabsent or indifferent
  • How to deal with bias and stereotyping
  • How to recruit allies and gain influence
  • How toxic behaviour starts and why it is tolerated
  • When to stay and when to go.
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About the speaker

Professor Connson Locke teaches leadership, organisational behaviour, negotiation and decision making at the London School of Economics. She has received several teaching awards including the Department of Management Outstanding Teaching Contribution Award and the LSE Excellence in Education Award. She is the author of Making Your Voice Heard: How to own your space, access your inner power and become influential.
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