Webinar: Steve Dalton on answering the hardest interview question

Join the webinar on how to answer that hardest interview question, #TMAY!

The most common question interviewers ask - often right at the start of the interview - is “tell me about yourself” (TMAY).  This simple question derails more candidates than any other.  It invites you to waffle. Or to deliver a sales pitch.  Smart candidates avoid both.

In this webinar, Steve Dalton, head of daytime careers at Duke Fuqua Business School (and author of the bestselling job search guide The 2-Hour Job Search) will explain his “FIT model”  and show how to answer this critical question well, and more generally how to talk effectively about yourself in interviews. In particular:

•    Why "tell me about yourself" (TMAY) is the most important (and most common) interview question 
•    Why "selling yourself" during your answer to TMAY is a critical mistake
•    What employers are actually looking for when they ask you TMAY
•    How to give interviewers the information they want in a concise, likable, and easy-to-deliver way.


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The live webinar is from 19:00 to 20:15 (Paris time) on Wednesday 27 February
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All attendees will receive the meeting slides, a recording and resource pack.
  • Date
    mercredi 27 février 2019 de 19:00 à 20:15
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    mercredi 27 février 2019 19:00
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