Webinar: Daniel Porot on finding work that fits

Join the webinar on finding work that fits

Many people yearn for fulfilling work.  However, whether you are advanced in your career or just starting, finding work that really fits is difficult.  You need to understand yourself, you need to understand the options available to you and then you need to secure the job you have targeted. But the payoffs to career fit are immense: your enthusiasm and output increase, your work becomes more enjoyable and you position yourself as unique in the job market.

Most people are not clear about their ultimate skills and as a result often get stuck when thinking about their career. In the webinar Daniel will explain six ways to discover ultimate skills (hint: a reliable indicator is that you tend to “lose yourself” in your work when you apply them) and a way of ordering your preferences for your ideal working environment.

In this webinar Daniel will show how to uncover:

•    Your ultimate skills (those for which you have both expertise and enthusiasm)
•    Who you work best with – your preferred people environment
•    Ideal working conditions - and how to discover them in your prior work history
•    Most attractive fields of interest – and where to look for them.
•    A networking strategy to validate your choices (PIE method)

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The live webinar is from 13:30 to 14:45 (Paris time) on Thursday 21 March

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  • Date
    jeudi 21 mars 2019 de 13:30 à 14:45
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    jeudi 21 mars 2019 00:00
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