Webinar: Julianne Miles on returning to work after a career break

Join the webinar on returning to work after a career break

Returning to work after a career break is daunting. Returners worry that their skills may be out of date. Or that employers will insist on having them full time in the office. In fact, companies are more and more receptive to returners: offering both formal “returnships” and rolling out flexible working.

Drawing on hundreds of case studies, Julianne Miles MBE discusses returnships (mid-career internships), strategic volunteering, networking and a variety of non-standard job-hunting techniques which career returners have used successfully.

Breaks are the new normal

As careers extend to 40 or 50 years both women and men inevitably want to make more career pivots, take more breaks and plot more varied careers.  Increasingly opportunities are opening up and returners are finding their skills more appreciated by employers. 

In this webinar we will look at the experience of hundreds of successful returners and see how they have plotted their career steps.

In particular we will look at:

  • How Returnships (mid-career internships) can help
  • What employers value about career breaks
  • Strategic volunteering (what this means and actual examples)
  • When to consider Going back to study or retraining
  • How to present a break on your CV or LinkedIn profile
  • Why you should avoid or delay refining too much your requirements for a relaunch career
  • Networking that works best for returners.

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    le jeudi 5 décembre 2019 de 13:00 à 14:00
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