CANCELLED! MBA networking session in Paris

The MBA learning trip has been cancelled.

Audencia Full-Time MBA participants are coming on a 2-day learning trip to Paris

Their agenda will be crammed with conferences, discussions, networking, company visits and more. Day one will end with an MBA networking session with alumni.

Come and join this dedicated MBA event which will take place:
  • Date: Thursday 2 April
  • Time: from 19:00 to 21:00
  • Venue: Audencia's Executive Campus, 95 Rue Falguière, 75015 Paris


If you are a little curious about the MBA learning trip, here are some details about what's in store...
Thursday 2 April
09.00-09.30 Breakfast for speakers
09.30-10.30 Alumni round table “Successful career paths from International MBAs in Paris”
10.45-12.45 Group discussions with alumni
12.45-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.45 Alumni round table “It’s all going Digital”
16.00-17.45 Alumni round table “The purpose-driven economy”
18.00-19.00 Building your cultural iceberg about “Living in France”
19.00-21.00 Alumni networking event
Friday 3 April
08.00-11.00 Company visit
12.30 Back on campus
13.00-14.00 Alumni round table “The impact of an MBA on your day job”
OR Corporate case
14.30-16.30 Live cases
16.45-17.15 Wrap up

  • Date
    le jeudi 2 avril 2020 de 19:00 à 21:00
  • Date limite d'inscription
    mardi 17 mars 2020 18:00
  • Périmètre géographique
  • Lieu
    Audencia Executive Campus
    95 Rue Falguière
    75015 Paris