Alumni activities in China

We are very pleased to introduce your ambassadors. Audencia is always looking out for volunteers to take on the role of alumni ambassador. If you have some great plans for alumni in your city and are interested in knowing more about how to become an ambassador, please contact the alumni team (

In the meantime, please scroll down to the photo gallery at the bottom of the page to view some of the amazing activities that have taken place in China!
Name: Jing TIAN
Year of graduation: 2017
Programme studied: MBA
Currently: Market Analyst @ Caterpillar
Experience: Market Strategy / Industry Research / Wind Energy / Agriculture / Consulting

"It's my great pleasure to be the alumni ambassador of our Beijing community. Let's have fun together!"
Name: Ying FU (Sophie)
Year of graduation: 2018
Programme studied: IMM
Currently: Business Developer @ Business France
Experience: Marketing / Communication / Consulting

"Audencia and its strong network of Alumni helped me step into the professional world. I hope we can get more connected across various activities and empower our Alumni community."
Name: Dai YAO (Delphine)
Year of graduation: 2012
Programme studied: GE
Currently: Corporate Relations & Chinese Business Director @ CCI France Chine
Experience: Marketing / International Trade / Business Development / Relationship Management

"Together to create a stronger network."
Name: Yingmei JIANG (Katherine)
Year of graduation: 2015
Programme studied: IMM
Currently: Manager @ PwC Digital (on board soon)
Experience: Digital Transformation / Innovation / Consulting / Project Management / Automotive / Financial Services

"Enhancing the awareness and competency of Audencia Alumni in multi-cultural environment would be my priority. Let's promote our Audencia pride together!"
Name: Qing SUN (Suki)
Year of graduation: 2018
Programme studied: IMM
Currently: Junior Project Manager @ Country Garden
Experience: SPIREN Ventures / Elephant Robotics / Savills / Digital Marketing / Project Management / Real Estate

"Join us on "Together" and welcome to Shenzhen!"
Name: Yulin LI (Derek)
Year of graduation: 2019
Programme studied: MBA
Currently: Freelancer
Experience: Product Strategy / Management / GTM in ICT Fields

"This is Derek. I am an old Boy."
Name: Yu GONG (Nick)
Year of graduation: 2018
Programme studied: DBA
Currently: General Manager @ Sichuan Seven Dimensional Culture Tourism Co., Ltd.
Experience: Tourism / Hotel Management / Hospitality Industry / Investment / Visiting Professor / MBA Tutor

"If people frame themselves in a certain range, it is easy to limit their thinking pattern. The value of life lies in exploring the unknown and summarizing thoughts. I wish to be a bond of friendship between China and France."  
Name: Emma CARDON
Year of graduation: 2016
Programme studied: GE
Currently: APAC Supply Chain Analyst @ NAOS
Experience: Supply Chain / Sourcing / Business Analysis / Retail industry 

"Proud to become Ambassador of Audencia Alumni in Hong Kong, the city I felt in love a few years ago. Feel free to contact me for a chat, a lunch or a drink, I'd always be happy to help!"
As a reminder, your ambassadors will be concerned about :
  • create and maintain the link between you through events and activities,
  • bring up your needs/desires with the alumni team at Audencia,
  • federate you on your class anniversaries, answer your questions
  • Date
    du jeudi 14 janvier 2021 à 14:45 au vendredi 15 janvier 2021 à 23:50
  • Date limite d'inscription
    lundi 11 janvier 2021 00:00
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