Webinar : Looking for a job in Switzerland: What do you need to know?

Switzerland is not only about bankers, watches and chocolate.

If you are thinking about getting a job in Switzerland, you will first learn in this workshop the specificities and misconceptions about this country in general and the job market in particular. We will cover:
✓ Switzerland, a small country with a strong liberal economy and a lot of disparities: what does it mean for the job market?
✓ How to find jobs in Switzerland
✓ Sources: channels and networks
✓ Specifics of CVs, letters, interviews
✓ Work permits
✓ Salaries, negotiations, work contracts
✓ Are your competences in demand
✓ Work mentalities
✓ Self-employment and freelancing in Switzerland

Webinar organised by your Career Center. 
  • Date
    mardi 26 janvier 2021 à 18:30
  • Date limite d'inscription
    mardi 26 janvier 2021 12:00
  • Périmètre géographique