Webinar: How Covid-19 has impacted MBA job search

Career management: an exploration of how Covid-19 has impacted MBA job search
Date: Monday 12 April 2021
Time: 13:00 – 14:00 Paris time
Covid-19 has disrupted the job market and raises more questions than it gives answers.

For example:
  • Has the supply and demand for candidates changed?
  • Which job markets are globally affected the most?
  • What do these changes mean for qualified, educated candidates?
  • How has the job search process in 2021 changed, when compared with 2018 or 2015? (Has it changed at all?)
  • How does a job seeker know how long it’ll take them to find a job? What if they have complex, international profiles?
  • How do candidates stay employable?
Career Angels has been meticulously tracking so-called ‘job hunting KPIs’ and how they have changed over recent years – showing how drastically the job market has evolved for experienced managers and executives in 2020. And it’s very likely to stay that way.

The career consulting boutique has also been monitoring the number of job ads published on LinkedIn across 80 countries since the beginning of the pandemic. During this webinar, Sandra Bichl, will be able to walk you through a realistic and objective picture of the job market 2021 and what specifically that means for candidates in the different geographical regions.

About the speaker
Sandra Bichl is a former executive search consultant who decided to help level the playing field for experienced candidates by founding Career Angels. Sandra and her team have supported more than 7,000 senior managers and executives in their career management and job search. She’s particularly appreciated for challenging her clients, formulating effective strategies and turning them into precise action plans that get the desired career results.
Sandra is also known for sharing her expertise backed by research and data through speaking engagements and keynotes at HR conferences or events. Since 2014, she has also been a regular guest lecturer on MBA programmes of renowned Business Schools. Sandra has lived  and worked in nine countries across Latin America and Europe. She works in English, German, Spanish and Polish. She also speaks French and Portuguese.

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This event is free for AMBA members to attend but registration is required using the link above.
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    le lundi 12 avril 2021 de 13:00 à 14:00
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    lundi 12 avril 2021 00:00
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