They climbed the CN Tower in Toronto!

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  • Le 2 mai 2019
It was 553 metres to the top. “Successful first attempt to climb the tallest free standing tower in North America!” says a delighted Siddharth (IMM 10).

Under the guidance of Clement (GE 07), the Audencia alumni team of first-time climbers, left ground level early Sunday morning to ascend the 1766 stairs of Toronto’s iconic CN Tower. Hélène (GE 14) gives a nod of thanks to fellow alum Clement, who took on the role of coach for the newbies. “Thank you Clement for setting up the team and taking us to the top.” Clement adds that after racing up 146 floors in under 20 minutes (19:59 !) “I cannot feel my legs today but totally worth it!”

The alumni team enjoyed the atmosphere and organisation put on by WWF and are looking forward to improving their scores next year.
“Thank you to all the donors who supported the climb and allowed us to reach our target.” concludes Clement.


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