Career Kickoff: alumni return to Audencia to meet the new international student cohort

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  • Le 10 septembre 2019
Audencia is proud and delighted to welcome guest speakers to Audencia for the Career Kickoff event on Thursday 12 September.

Alumni and corporate guest speakers and entrepreneurs are taking to the stage in Audencia's auditoria and classrooms on 12 September to share their experiences and inspire the latest cohort of nearly 200 international students at the school. For the second year running, the Career Kickoff is just that - an original way to kickstart the academic year.

Pierre-Antoine Arlot will open the sessions with a keynote speech. Fitting into several "categories" from entrepreneur to ex-creative consultant to baker, Pierre-Antoine is currently exploring how creativity can be triggered at the intersection of gastronomy and ecology. Ongoing discussions and experiments with artists, chefs, bakers, scientists and philosophers bring new perspectives to his company co-founded with his wife Chin-Jy Cheng: Maison Arlot Chen, a bakehouse, café-cum-eatery in the Ile de Nantes creative district. 

Students are then divided into groups and head for smaller sessions with corporates, careers consultants and alumni.

This year's guest alumni are Esthela Crocker and Devendra Mishra:
  • With a first degree in electronics & engineering, Devendra graduated from Audencia's MSCPM programme in 2016. Before coming to Nantes, Devendra studied French in the nearby city of Rennes. Today, he is Global Product Marketing Manager at Desoutter Tools where he has been working for nearly two years.
  • After studying for a master's degree in IT in Guatemala, Esthela headed for Europe and for Nantes where she graduated from the IMM programme in 2017. Esthela entered her current company, Crown Holdings, as a trainee and has been there for nearly 3 years, currently as Manufacturing and Supply chain Support Analyst.

The corporate sessions will be led by global entrepreneurs Nonso Chukwuma (IMM 13) and Jean-Michel Renaudeau. Welcome, or welcome back, to Audencia!


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