#Iconic_Audencians: Annie Rojas (MSc IM 2012), the Colombian Amélie Poulain

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  • Le 17 avril 2023

Annie Rojas, MSc IM 2012, Assistant Vice President, Citi, Dublin

When she was growing up in Bogotá, Annie Rojas was fascinated by the night sky and its many wonders. As a teenager, she gave up on her long-time dream of becoming an astronaut and chose a career in finance. Pragmatic but ambitious, she figured that if international business wouldn’t send her to the moon, it could at least take her to the other side of the world.

Annie’s story could serve as an advertisement for international mobility. Moving to Nantes in 2011 to join the Audencia IMM programme, she learnt to speak French, made lifelong friends, and got her foot into Citi’s door where she is leading a successful career in supply chain finance.

When an opportunity to transfer to the Dublin office presented itself, she didn’t know much about “the Emerald Isle” beyond its widely celebrated St Patrick’s traditions, but she leapt at the chance. There, she further expanded her worldview across a broader set of trade methods, gained exposure to a new working culture, met her soon to be husband, and developed a liking for one of the most revered Irish institutions: the pub.

Not everyone is tempted to move halfway across the globe and start life again in a foreign country with all the personal and emotional stresses this entails. But it certainly was a decision that paid off for Annie.

Let’s meet the international executive who tells us about her journey and why her granny-style trolley, her swimsuit and a healthy dose of adventurous spirit are some of its special features.

For the third year in a row, we are delighted and proud to showcase 12 new profiles of Audencians from around the globe. The alumni that you will discover have very generously given up their time for an interview for which we are immensely grateful.
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