Our alumni communities in Beijing and Shanghai start to get dynamized

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  • Le 15 juin 2017

The global presence of Audencia alumni is always our strength. Beijing and Shanghai, two of the largest and fastest growing cities in the world have attracted more and more people to explore. Hundreds of Audencia alumni have come to work and live here. In order to reunite our alumni and build stronger connection among them, Audencia Alumni has created its Beijing and Shanghai communities. Led by two enthusiastic ambassadors, Eugenia LAO (IMM 2012) and Yuan JI (MBA 2011), Shanghai community had its kickoff event on May 26th and the one in Beijing is taking place on this Friday.

“ As an initial step, we aim to animate the community by involving our alumni in Shanghai and neighboring cities to participate in a variety of activities on a regular basis. ” - Eugenia LAO, Ambassador Shanghai

“ If you’ve always been thinking about expanding your network, enriching your social life, getting professional advices, advancing your career, or having an effective talent pool for your business, then join the community and enjoy the remarkable resources. Your Audencia experience never ends! ” - Yuan JI, Ambassador Beijing

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