Students, professors, and staff sharing the fun at ICF, Audencia's InterCultural Festival!

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  • Le 6 décembre 2017
The second edition of ICF, Audencia’s annual intercultural festival, took place on 21st November and was a great moment of intercultural enjoyment for its 300 guests and participants.

The IMM programme took the intercultural activities very seriously: not only did its students contribute to organising the event and taking to the stage but the programme team (from four nationalities) also 
performed during the festival!
"I like the mix of students, professors, and staff for this event", says Olga Kapitskaia, IMM director “and wish to contribute to keep this spirit of togetherness and intercultural exchange. This is our second year participation together with IMM student Viktoriia Murzhukhina and we are happy that people have joined for the game and had fun".
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