Recruiting the next generation of Audencians - alumni tell their story

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  • Le 7 février 2018
Each year the SAI (International Admissions Service) organises the recruitment of future students for the Grande Ecole programme at Audencia, emlyon, ESCP Europe, HEC Paris and SKEMA. The sessions take place in major cities across the globe and the panels are made up of alumni from the five participating schools.

Mehdi graduated from the Grande Ecole programme in 2006 and is deputy CEO for Transtour Group in Casablanca Morocco.
Maud graduated from SciencesCom in 2000 and has set up her own web communications company in Delhi, India. Both have participated in SAI international recruitment sessions in their home towns.

We asked them about their experiences and why they are ready to do it again (and again!)

Why did you first decide to participate in the SAI recruitment sessions?
Mehdi: It is always nice to keep a close connection with our school, and to connect with the younger generation. We were once in their position!
Maud: For me it was an incredibly interesting challenge and totally new experience!

What did you get out of it?
Mehdi: It made me aware of the aspirations and motivations of this new generation and helped me understand what motivates their choice of school, what drives them to choose a specific direction and, above all, how they anticipate their future.
Maud: I thoroughly enjoyed teaming up with Indian alumni who had studied in France. I also discovered that I had the skills to be part of the recruitment panel and definitely had something to offer as a member of the jury. It was a very positive experience to interview talented young Indians with international profiles.

What would you say to other alumni to encourage them to join a recruitment panel?
Mehdi: Clearly, it is very pleasant and particularly rewarding experience to interview future students/alumni... The context is different as you are interviewing adults who are already active.
Maud: It's great to be able to support your country and your school and discover future students with huge potential.

If you too are interested in joining an international recruitment panel in a city near you, drop a line to Katie Francois
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