​Audencia Alumni in Toronto climb for nature!

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  • Le 11 avril 2019

When one alumni meeting leads to another...

They met for the first time during the Toronto stopover of the recent Around the World event. Little did alumni imagine that they would be making a date for 14 April to climb the stairs of city’s iconic CN Tower which held the record for over 30 years as the tallest building in the world. This annual climb is a fundraiser for WWF and it is the first time that an alumni team from Audencia has participated.

Challenge accepted!

Alum Clement Marlin (GE 07) works for WWF in Toronto and set himself the challenge of getting an alumni team together to do the climb with him. Four Audencians - Siddharth Akolkar (IMM 10), Quentin Moreau-Defarges (GE 08), Christophe Neusy (FRC 17), Hélène Niyonzima (GE 14) - will join Clement on Sunday 14 April and between them, they will be climbing a whopping 8,880 steps.

“It’s a way to show our support for nature and its biodiversity” says Clement. “We’ll be up at dawn to climb 144 floors to fundraise for WWF; I’m looking forward to it,” he says. Helene, who arrived in Toronto at the beginning of the year, declares “Clement is busy coaching the Audencia team”. The Audencian team is relishing the prospect of a personal challenge for a worthwhile cause.
Good luck to the whole team - we’ll be rooting for you on 14 April.

Audencia has been a partner of WWF France since 2010 and is the only higher education institution in France to have such a partnership.

The foundations of the partnership are based on:
  • Education: integrating CSR into all programmes
  • Exemplarity: reducing the School's environmental impact
Beyond these two aspects, Audencia also supports all actions carried out by WWF to increase its outreach and make them known to as many people as possible. A win-win partnership that allows us to move forward together for a more responsible world!
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