Go France! My biggest challenge was to improve my French language skills

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  • Le 1 juillet 2019

We are delighted to bring you “Go France”, the guide for international students looking to work in France!

Devised and compiled by Audencia’s Career Centre and Alumni team, with the support of the School's student reporters, “Go France” is a valuable resource for internationals considering a career in France after their studies. Starting with HR professionals’ top tips and debunking the myths and realities of the workplace, Go France also showcases the experiences of more than 20 international alumni who have aced the challenge of finding a job in France.

This week, discover what Syed Kazim Baqeri, MBA 15, has to say.

About Syed Kazim

  • Graduated from the MBA 15 programme
  • Originally from Afghanistan
  • Entrepreneur currently setting up a business in Nantes
  • Daily working language ▶ English
  • Native language (s) ▶ Persian
  • Level of French ▶ Elementary
  • Other languages spoken ▶ Hindi, Pashto
  • Other degrees ▶ Bachelor in computer science

Syed Kazim's key advice

My biggest challenge has been to improve my French language skills.

How it all started

After a degree in Computer Science, my first experience was teaching at the Afghan Institute of Learning in Pakistan. I then returned to my home country of Afghanistan and worked for the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) as ICT Officer then M&E Officer until 2010. After that I started my own business providing ICT solutions for business development and growth. I have been in France since my MBA and am currently looking to set up my own business here.


I enjoy reading, hiking and travelling.

Most memorable experience

I went sightseeing with my classmates thanks to ICTeam, the association that helps to welcome international students to Audencia.

Keeping in touch

My classmates live and work all around the world. We keep in touch through Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp.

Myths & realities

Realities: You really have to have a basic working knowledge of French if you aim to find a job in France.

Myths: Some people say that the French are rude but this is not true! It's more a question of understanding the codes of French conversation. Learn to say "bonjour" when you see a French person for the first time each day and this will certainly help.

Speaking French

I took French language courses and asked my French friends to correct me if I say things wrong.

Next career steps

I'm working on establishing my business in France.

Advice and top tips
  • Learn French
  • Find connections and constantly be in touch with them
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