5 alumni return to Audencia to share their insights on international careers

  • Career Center
  • Le 9 octobre 2019

International opportunities as career accelerators

On the afternoon of Thursday 10 October, five alumni from different horizons will share the stage in the Edit de Nantes auditorium for International Day. Students are invited to come and listen to what our alumni have to say about their international careers and how for each of them it widened their prospects and taught them to adapt to new situations and seize new opportunities.

On the programme:

12:45-13:45 Alumni Round table: “International opportunities as career accelerators” in Edit de Nantes auditorium
  • Nancy YINAN GUAN (IMM 18), Product Manager with Curver in Paris
  • Avneet KAUR (IMM 18), Chargée de promotions with Banque Populaire in Nantes
  • Estelle MARIE (GE 04), South Europe Director with French Founders in Madrid
  • Hervé-Pierre BEAUCHESNE (GE 99), ex VP Analyst with Moodys in New York
  • Tarek ALASSAR (IMM 14), Country Manager with Legos in Paris
14:00-15:00 WORKSHOPS
  • Parentheses “Kick starting your career in the USA”
  • Nancy (IMM 18) “Finding your first job in France”
  • Tarek (IMM 14) “Helping French companies grow internationally”
15:15-16:15 WORKSHOPS
  • Estelle (GE 04) “Build and optimise your network in Europe”
  • Hervé-Pierre (GE 99) “Finance careers in the USA”
  • Avneet (IMM 18) “Speaking French to work in France”
A short networking session so that students can come and ask any questions they didn’t get time to voice during the afternoon sessions.

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