Go Netherlands! In a Dutch company, bosses allow you space to share your ideas

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  • Le 1 juillet 2022

Audencia's Career Center and Alumni teams are delighted to to bring you “Go Netherlands!”, the guide to working in the Netherlands.

Following the success of the guide to working in France for internationals, this new edition focuses on a country that is a destination of choice for Audencians. Members of its thriving community of students and alumni say they choose the Netherlands for its economic stability, work-hard-play-hard lifestyle, multiculturalism and for being a country where English is often the working language.

“Go Netherlands!” is a valuable resource for students considering a career in the Netherlands after their studies. Starting with HR professionals’ top tips and debunking the myths and realities of the workplace, Go Netherlands! also showcases the experiences of more than 20 alumni who have aced the challenge of finding a job and settling in the Netherlands.

This week, discover what Manon Cuny from France has to say.

About Manon:

  • Graduated from the SciencesCom programme in 2019
  • Left the Netherlands in 2021 and currently working as software engineer at Capgemini in France
  • Native language: French
  • Other languages spoken: English, Italian
  • Level of Dutch: beginner
  • Lived in the Netherlands for a year after graduating but also during a 6-month internship

Manon's key message: “In a Dutch company, bosses allow you space to share your ideas."

My biggest challenge
When I arrived in the Netherlands, my English language skills weren’t as good as they are today, so my biggest challenge was to go against my inner shyness and dare to speak. Once I’d overcome this, my English improved and now I feel so much more confident! I remember when I was working in a Dutch e-commerce company as the Marketing Manager for France, I had a training session with a French colleague. We spoke in English the whole time without even realising we were both French native speakers and could have switched to French. It happened so naturally, and my colleague wasn’t even aware she’d been using English, so we had a good laugh about it later.

My advice & top tips
Tip number one: roll your sleeves up and get involved! In the Netherlands, there is an expectation for you to be dedicated and committed to your work. You are encouraged to be autonomous and take initiatives on a daily basis. You are allowed to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.
Tip number two: make use of social networks. There is a big French community in the Netherlands so don't hesitate to find groups and contact them. Facebook is useful; it can help you find a job, an internship, an apartment, a bike and even friends!

Quirky & cultural
I spent one New Year's Eve in Amsterdam; my two best friends came to see me, and we discovered the Dutch way of celebrating New Year. The streets were red because of all the firecrackers and fireworks that were going off everywhere. The streets were full of people and there was a joyful and cheerful atmosphere all around.

And finally
Be aware that internships in the Netherlands are usually unpaid (although sometimes there’s a small stipend).

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