Go Netherlands! Consider your purchasing power and compare salaries with the cost of living

  • Career Center
  • Le 21 octobre 2022

Audencia's Career Center and Alumni teams are delighted to to bring you “Go Netherlands!”, the guide to working in the Netherlands.

Following the success of the guide to working in France for internationals, this new edition focuses on a country that is a destination of choice for Audencians. Members of its thriving community of students and alumni say they choose the Netherlands for its economic stability, work-hard-play-hard lifestyle, multiculturalism and for being a country where English is often the working language.

“Go Netherlands!” is a valuable resource for students considering a career in the Netherlands after their studies. Starting with HR professionals’ top tips and debunking the myths and realities of the workplace, Go Netherlands! also showcases the experiences of more than 20 alumni who have aced the challenge of finding a job and settling in the Netherlands.

This week, discover what Karan Monesh Nannam​ from India has to say.

About Karan:

  • Graduated from the MSc IM programme in 2014
  • Currently working as: Capital Excellence Manager-International (EMEA, APAC & LATAM) at Kraft Heinz in Amsterdam
  • Native language: Telugu
  • Other languages spoken: English, Hindi, basic French, Tamil, Kannada
  • Level of Dutch: beginner
  • Been living in the Netherlands: since October 2016, initially in Utrecht now Amsterdam

Karan's key message: “Consider your purchasing power; although salaries are higher, they are proportional to the cost of living and high levels of taxation."

My biggest challenge
I would be tempted to say the paperwork has been a challenge, but even the visa and other processes have gone very smoothly. I am very impressed by the respect shown by civil servants irrespective of our origins. I suppose my only challenge so far has been the climate! It rains a lot here in Amsterdam and the winters are a bit damp.

My advice & top tips
For non-EU nationals, very few companies, including mine, are interested in helping with sponsorship for full-time jobs or simple procedures for interns. However, if you can possess or demonstrate your unique skill set, you can prompt companies to sponsor you. This is especially true for jobs that require a unique skill set but rarely true (but not impossible) for management roles. Get to grips with your company’s work culture. At Kraft Heinz, the work culture is driven by values of the company and not necessarily by the location, so I haven’t had too many surprises there. In terms of general culture, the Dutch are very expat-friendly, and socialising has been quite easy.

Quirky & cultural
I love the demographics here, which are far more diverse and international than in any other European countries or even across the world. Everyone speaks English and language has hardly ever been a barrier… unlike in France!

And finally
There are many things to see, do and discover in the Netherlands, including boat rides on the Amsterdam and Utrecht canals, the annual fireworks display in the sea near Den Haag beach, the tulip gardens and the flower season.

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