Go Netherlands! The Dutch don’t work long hours but are extremely logged in when they’re at work

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  • Le 25 novembre 2022

Audencia's Career Center and Alumni teams are delighted to to bring you “Go Netherlands!”, the guide to working in the Netherlands.

Following the success of the guide to working in France for internationals, this new edition focuses on a country that is a destination of choice for Audencians. Members of its thriving community of students and alumni say they choose the Netherlands for its economic stability, work-hard-play-hard lifestyle, multiculturalism and for being a country where English is often the working language.

“Go Netherlands!” is a valuable resource for students considering a career in the Netherlands after their studies. Starting with HR professionals’ top tips and debunking the myths and realities of the workplace, Go Netherlands! also showcases the experiences of more than 20 alumni who have aced the challenge of finding a job and settling in the Netherlands.

This week, discover what Shastri Sookdeo​ from Canada has to say.

About Shastri:

  • Graduated from the MSc SCPM programme in 2018
  • Currently working as: Business Analyst-Logistics at MSF in Amsterdam
  • Native language: English
  • Other languages spoken: French, Italian
  • Level of Dutch: advanced
  • Been living in the Netherlands: since March 2021

Shastri's key message: “The Dutch normally don’t work long hours but are extremely logged in when they’re at work."

My biggest challenge
I’m missing the long cricket season! I’m a cricket player and fan and although the sport appears to be growing in popularity in the Netherlands; football is certainly more accessible.
One of my most memorable experiences since settling here is going to watch AFC Ajax play at the Cruijff arena in Amsterdam. Fantastic!

My advice & top tips
For the first time in many years, there are more jobs than jobseekers so there are lots of opportunities out here. However, having expertise in a specific skill can still make the difference. Whether it's something technical or less tangible, try to show on your CV/ cover letter that you bring a comprehensive and unique viewpoint. Even without work experience, personal projects can show this.

Quirky & cultural
There are very few hierarchical barriers in the Netherlands and at work everyone tends to be open to receiving feedback, no matter how junior the speaker. This has been quite different from my experience in Paris where directors seemed to be a bit aloof and not as approachable.

And finally
The siliconcanals.com website is a great resource for jobs in Benelux in the technology and startup ecosystem.

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