Go Netherlands! Get your rainproof gear ready and you’ll be all set to go! :)

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  • Le 2 décembre 2022

Audencia's Career Center and Alumni teams are delighted to to bring you “Go Netherlands!”, the guide to working in the Netherlands.

Following the success of the guide to working in France for internationals, this new edition focuses on a country that is a destination of choice for Audencians. Members of its thriving community of students and alumni say they choose the Netherlands for its economic stability, work-hard-play-hard lifestyle, multiculturalism and for being a country where English is often the working language.

“Go Netherlands!” is a valuable resource for students considering a career in the Netherlands after their studies. Starting with HR professionals’ top tips and debunking the myths and realities of the workplace, Go Netherlands! also showcases the experiences of more than 20 alumni who have aced the challenge of finding a job and settling in the Netherlands.

This week, discover what Wenwen Zhao from China has to say.

About Wenwen:

  • Graduated from the Grande Ecole Master in Management programme in 2014
  • Currently working as: Account Manager at Wieden + Kennedy in Amsterdam
  • Native language: Chinese
  • Other languages spoken: English, French
  • Level of Dutch: beginner
  • Been living in the Netherlands: for 2 years

Wenwen's key message: “Get your rainproof gear ready and you’ll be all set to go! :)"

My biggest challenge
The famous work-life balance is better here than Shanghai but not quite as balanced as I was expecting; maybe that’s because of the nature of an advertising agency. I’m working in a native English-speaking environment with a majority of Brits and Americans. Although I am a fluent English speaker there is an almost imperceptible language/culture barrier that can sometimes have an impact, especially in advertising context, where the craft of language plays a big role.

My advice & top tips
You can live in Rotterdam but work in Amsterdam, so convenience is not a luxury here. You have to be tolerant with the weather, sometimes it’s just rain and grey skies followed by more rain! Just like in any big city, house hunting is a battle; check out funda.nl

Quirky & cultural
The Netherlands has a very expat-friendly environment. The Dutch are very friendly and welcoming, and they don’t get offended if you only speak English. People who are on the end of Dutch customer service lines are lovely; they even tell you their dog's name!

And finally
Try cycling in the dark when it’s raining and windy! It’s very uncomfortable, but it makes you strong.

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