Go Netherlands! At Accenture Heerlen we are looking for the right attitude and team behaviour

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  • Le 24 juin 2022
Julie Brouwer
Technology Recruiter, Accenture - Heerlen

Julie is an enthusiastic campus recruiter. Together with Bart Verouden, Senior Manager Innovation & Business Development, they aim to attract top tech profiles to integrate a young ambitious team. Julie shares some first-hand advice about the job market in the Netherlands.

The Accenture Heerlen Innovation Center for Smart Services is responsible for accelerating innovation with next-gen tech and expertise, serving clients in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Being at the heart of Europe, the team counts on over 15 different nationalities. The most common languages that you will hear are Dutch, German, French and English. We currently have a workforce that is 40% female and 60% male. Our goal is to reach 50/50 by 2025.
The work culture

The average age in our office is 30 years old. The Heerlen Accenture team consists of people with all sorts of educational backgrounds. Training, upskilling and lifelong learning are very important to us, if we see the potential of an employee in a certain skill or development path, we are very open to helping them find their way. We also promote in-house mobility within the Accenture group as our goal is to keep employees motivated and focused, so they choose to remain with us.

My advice & top tips

In our team we value people that dare to think outside the box and who have a creative mind. But most importantly, we encourage them to be their true selves!
Besides, we believe that showing motivation and personality is far more important than having work experience. Technical knowledge can be acquired, but what Accenture Harleen is looking for is the right attitude and behaviour within a team and with customers.
If you are a customer-oriented team player, with a sense of responsibility towards society, we would be delighted to meet you!

Myths & realities

Dutch people are direct, open to discussion and generally open-minded. Dare to ask questions!

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