International communities in Tel-Aviv and Amsterdam

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  • Le 10 novembre 2017
Two new international communities have just been set up.

Ambassador Delphine Grouckho (GE 15) is Media Manager at PrimeRoll in Tel-Aviv and is looking forward to creating connections with the small community of Audencia alumni in the city but also to linking up with wider networks in the area. "It would be great if we could include alumni from the alliance [Centrale Nantes and ensa Nantes] in our events" she says.

Join the Tel-Aviv community on Together!


Ambassador Matthieu Vonthron (GE 05) is a Manager at Deloitte in Amsterdam and has been thinking about launching the alumni community for several months.

Join the Amsterdam community on Together and keep up to date with events and activities!

Audencia is delighted to welcome these two highly motivated ambassadors!
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