Go France! I balance my aspiration for journalism AND communications

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  • Le 3 février 2020

We are delighted to bring you “Go France”, the guide for international students looking to work in France!

Devised and compiled by Audencia’s Career Centre and Alumni team, with the support of the School's student reporters, “Go France” is a valuable resource for internationals considering a career in France after their studies. Starting with HR professionals’ top tips and debunking the myths and realities of the workplace, Go France also showcases the experiences of more than 20 international alumni who have aced the challenge of finding a job in France.

Come and join the Go France launch event in Paris on 6 February when the conversation will go live!
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In the meantime, discover what Sara Ben Lahbib, IMM 16, has to say.

About Sara

  • Graduated from the IMM 16 programme
  • Originally from Morocco
  • Working as Communication and Community Manager at Innes in Rennes
  • Native language (s) ▶ Arabic
  • Level of French ▶ Bilingual
  • Other languages spoken ▶ Spanish
  • Other degrees ▶ 2-year degree in Marketing and Sales; Bachelor in Management and Economics

Sara's key advice 
I balance my aspiration for journalism AND communications. I am a communication & community manager AND a freelance digital journalist.

How it all started
I always wanted to be a journalist, more specifically, business journalist. I chose to focus my studies in business and management matters. After graduating from Audencia, I wanted to connect the dots between my business background and my vocation and "forever love" for journalism.

The time I spend with people is very important to me, therefore travelling together, having different activities, or just chlling in a restaurant and bubbling up around a cup of tea is rather a great passtime for me.

Most memorable experience
The 2016 International Cultural Festival: I was MC and it took place the night before our graduation ceremony. It was a lot of fun: students and professors from different cultures and countries shared and celebrated their uniqueness.

Myths & realities
Reality: The paperwork, and the switch from the status of being a student to an employee.

Myth: Workplace is super serious.

Speaking French
I am actually bilingual since I was a child as French is widely spoken in Morocco.

Amusing story
I was working on a video, on my computer, and listening to music. A lady came to our office and I introduced myself and asked her if she wanted to hear the song. Then my manager came to talk to her and later told me the lady was an inspector checking up on me, she said she found me rather funny.

Advice and top tips
Stay organised and up to date with your administrative paperwork.

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