Go France! Without the degree & experience from Audencia, I wouldn't be where I am today

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  • Le 6 septembre 2019

We are delighted to bring you “Go France”, the guide for international students looking to work in France!

Devised and compiled by Audencia’s Career Centre and Alumni team, with the support of the School's student reporters, “Go France” is a valuable resource for internationals considering a career in France after their studies. Starting with HR professionals’ top tips and debunking the myths and realities of the workplace, Go France also showcases the experiences of more than 20 international alumni who have aced the challenge of finding a job in France.

This week, discover what Sohei Fukuyama, MBA 11, has to say.

About Sohei

  • Graduated from the MBA 11 programme
  • Originally from Japan
  • Working as Business Development & Licensing at MedinCell in Montpellier
  • Daily working language ▶ French, English and Japanese
  • Native language (s) ▶ Japanese
  • Level of French ▶ Advanced
  • Other languages spoken ▶ French and English
  • Other degrees ▶ BSc in Applied Biology

Sohei's key advice

Without having the degree and experience from Audencia, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

How it all started

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in applied biology, I worked during 4 years for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Japan, and then I completed my education with a double MBA programme in the UK and France. Since then, I have worked for 2 pharmaceutical start-up companies as business development & licensing professional in France.

Most memorable experience

When I received my work permit to stay in France. It took almost one year. Very happy!


Dancing helps me find a way to express my emotion and balance myself as a person and a professional.

Keeping in touch

I’m in touch with many of my classmates. A couple of years after graduating, I went to Colombia to visit a few of them. I get together with friends who stayed to work in France too.

Myths & realities

Realities: If you are not from a member state of the EU, to work in France you need not only the employment contract but also the titre de séjour - status salarié. That means that unless you are naturalised or become a student, you will be always dependent on your employer to stay in France. In my case, this made it difficult to make a long-term plan.

My biggest challenge

One of the biggest challenges in my life in France was to get the first titre de séjour - status salarié.

Advice and top tips

The internship was key. I still vividly remember all the paperwork I had to submit – and all the help I had from my co-workers.

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