Finding a job in a time of crisis: Join the webinar with Daniel Porot on 28 April!

  • Career Center
  • Le 22 avril 2020
Produced by Sensible Media for a small group of top notch European business schools, Audencia continues to provide career development webinars for students and alumni. On Tuesday 28 April from 13:00 to 14:00 (Paris time), Daniel Porot* will share his thoughts and advice on finding a job in a time of crisis.

Companies are finding it hard at the moment to focus on anything but cashflow and short-term priorities. For many, recruitment is frozen and layoffs have started. To anyone looking for work might it can feel like the job market has closed.  But, paradoxically, companies face acute skill shortages trying to handle the crisis.

In this webinar, Daniel Porot will show how job seekers who can adapt their approach appropriately can still find opportunities.

Audencia has a small number of free tickets for students and alumni

*Daniel Porot lectures on career design and job hunting at INSEAD, Columbia, IMD, Kellogg, London Business School, Stanford, Wharton and Audencia. Daniel co-taught Richard N. Bolles' (author of What Color Is Your Parachute?) two-week summer workshop for 20 years. He has trained more than 115,000 people in 60 countries and has enabled over 2 million people to be trained using his methods. He is the author of 22 books (including four US and European bestsellers). More information (and free careers materials) at
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