EFMD Virtual career fair series by Highered

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  • Le 6 novembre 2020

Since mid-September, Audencia has taken part in the Virtual Career Fair series, as part of an exclusive network of top schools across the globe. The virtual fairs replicate a sophisticated job fair simulation environment that enables students and alumni to have real-time interaction with recruiters from leading companies and organisations.

EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) and Highered have mobilised forces and launched the EFMD Virtual Career Fair Series by Highered. This initiative allows EFMD member schools like Audencia to connect their students and alumni with companies and organisations from around the globe, in a sophisticated job fair simulation environment that enables real-time interaction between recruiters and candidates.

Topical sessions have already taken place for the fields of Management, Organisation, Leadership, Business, Strategy, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Risk, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Consulting, Actuaries, Supply Chain, Logistics, Project Management, Transportation, Shipping, Global MBA, Digital Marketing, Communications, PR, Digital Media, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Innovation.

Two final fairs are scheduled in the coming days focusing on:

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Audencia's Highered student ambassadors:

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