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  • Le 18 novembre 2022

Marlou Tuijl
Senior Campus Recruiter Consulting, Deloitte - Amsterdam

Marlou oversees the recruitment of interns and “starters” (first jobs after graduating) mainly for the Deloitte teams in strategy and supply chain. Marlou shares some first-hand advice about the job market in the Netherlands.

Deloitte has 15 offices in the Netherlands and approximately 6,500 employees. The working language is English and even more so in the Amsterdam offices which are quite international. Learning Dutch is encouraged but not necessary. 

The work environment is open and inclusive as most teams are very international. There is even an HR feature for employees to exchange national holidays for other-cultural festivities to cater for the diverse backgrounds.
The work culture

Deloitte’s core values include “never stop growing”, “be the true you” and “passion for purpose”.
Deloitte can be perceived as a hierarchical company, but at least in the Netherlands, hierarchy is very flat in reality. Even partners and senior managers are very approachable and there is an openness to new ideas. This is also related to the fact that the Dutch culture is very open; people have a need to share their opinions with others and are quite outspoken.

My advice & top tips

As a recruiter, when running interviews, I value structured communication and the ability of the candidate's ability to take feedback on board. This is indicative of their learning potential!
Deloitte Netherlands does not run recruitment events in France or outside the Netherlands. However, we are very open to receiving applications from international profiles. Apply via the website and do contact Alumni from your school who have already worked with us.
If you are coming to work in Amsterdam, my advice is to be authentic in the workplace. Feel free to approach your team. The Dutch can be straight talking, so you will be sure to get honest feedback! It is also an open-minded environment (in general) and used to people from diverse backgrounds, so I trust you will receive a warm welcome.

Myths & realities

In general, Dutch business culture is very informal, although this can depend on the company. As a tip for starters, it is always best to check what the company is like beforehand.
Punctuality is important: Meetings start on time! If you are running late, make sure you inform the team (communication is key), but don’t make a habit of it as this won't go down well. Dutch people can be very direct and get straight to the point. The upside to this is that there's little room for ambiguity.

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