The journey has come full circle: Audencia Around the world 25 March to 1 April

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  • Le 2 avril 2021

For its third edition, Audencia Around the World continues to innovate

With 30 events on the agenda, the School's alumni ambassadors rivalled with one another to bring creative -online and offline- solutions for some light relief and an antidote to working behind a computer screen. Open to the whole Audencia community, these events shared the same objective of connecting and re-connecting alumni.

In a nutshell, here's what the past week looked like:
  • 30 events in a single week on all 5 continents – 10 offline / 20 online
  • 45 alumni & student organisers involved
  • 2 professors co-hosting (thank you Camilla & Uwe)
  • 450 registrations
  • 1 dedicated website
  • 50 packets of coffee for the tag challenge
  • 20 yoga mats in Mexico
  • 4 bottles of wine in Geneva (opened and tasted by the sommelier - not counting those opened and consumed by participants!)
  • Lots of cherry blossom in Tokyo
  • 19,072 calories burned in Shenzhen

It's still not too late to drop by the online photo booth where you can create your avatar and take your picture and have it sent to you!
1 April

Paris was the final date on this year's Around the World tour. The tour guide, Jean, grabbed a Parisian Vélib bicycle and took participants along the Seine passing by some of the city's most famous monuments. The weather was great and the streets were not too crowded.
Join Audencians in Singapore for drinks & dinner. It's time to catch up!
31 March

30 March

Looking fabulously smart and in fine company, alumni from Chengdu enjoyed their first official alumni gathering.
29 March


What a great conversation! 
Audencians throughout Spain got together for an online cultural visit of "L’Escurial des Bourbons". 
28 March

An al fresco gathering was held in Dubai!
27 March
Audencians from Ajerbaijan tuned in from Baku, Dubai and Geneva for an informal gathering! The organiser, Rasul shared his experience of being a career advisor at partner university ADA and how proud he is to continue sending students to Audencia! Participants were able to catch up on who was doing what and where and promised to get together on a more regular basis.
Alumni in Beijing enjoyed an offline cocktail workshop! 

Alumni in San Fransisco met at Surfers Beach on Half Moon Bay for a beach clean-up in collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation.

Boardgames, foosball, XBox KTV, Switch, drinks and snack are on the menu for Audencians in Shanghai.

Shenzhen alumni put on their helmets and went for a cycle ride!

To mark the Sydney stopover of the Around the World journey, Audencia Alumni there are going bowling. Align, adjust and go for those strikes and baby splits... join them on Saturday 27 March at 2pm Sydney time at Strike, King Street Wharf.
Join Audencians in Tokyo for time-honoured Japanese tradition of cherry blossom viewing party.

Audencians from Mexico City made their morning date for a yoga session. They grabbed a mat, got their screen set up en enjoyed this date with a yoga teacher that put you them in fine form for the rest of the weekend.

Whether you are in Lagos, Nigeria, or even further afield in West or Central Africa, this year's Audencia Around the World is online. There's simply no excuse for not joining Oge and friends for a digital gathering.
26 March
It was 8am in Colombia and 2pm in France, so just the right time for a coffee! Audencians from Bogotá got together for a chat, a catch-up and a great cup of coffee online at It was great to see familiar faces again and meet new ones too. And wonderful to see current student Cécile Griffon (GE 21) taking the plunge and networking with alumni.

This was the first alumni gathering for the new Executive MBA class in Algiers. Alumni and current participants got to know each other during the one-hour conversation and have made a date to go *OFFLINE* - 20 May!
25 March
The opening event took place in Paris and will focus on internationals working there. Following a welcome message from Dean Christophe Germain, Briana, Diana, Ayush and professor Camilla Quental shared their intercultural thoughts on living and working in France when French isn't your mother tongue.

Alumna Laurene took participants on a historical tour of New York and invited them to solve a riddle before sitting back to enjoy a Manhattan cocktail.

Audencia Foundation's call for solidarity

Now, more than ever, our international students are in need of critical financial support.
Make a donation during Around the World week to help pay living expenses for a struggling student.
Your donation, in any amount, shows your solidarity with our students who are building the world of tomorrow.
Our network is our greatest strength!
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