Audencia Around the World 2024: Uniting Alumni through the Power of Sports

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  • Le 29 février 2024

In the spirit of camaraderie and global connection, Audencia Alumni proudly announces the highly anticipated 6th edition of Audencia Around the World, which is set to take place from 4 to 24 April. In line with the fervour of an Olympic year, this edition will be on the theme of sports, celebrating athleticism, competition, and the universal values embodied by the Olympic Games.

🌍A Worldwide Reunion:

Audencia Around the World serves as a beacon of unity, bringing together alumni from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations. As we navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving world, the importance of fostering connections and nurturing relationships with fellow Audencians becomes increasingly vital. This edition presents a unique opportunity for alumni to reconnect, reminisce, and forge new bonds around their shared experiences at Audencia.

👨‍🎓👩‍🎓 Empowering Ambassadors:

Central to the success of Audencia Around the World are the dedicated ambassadors and members of our international chapters spread across the globe. These passionate individuals serve as the driving force behind the organisation of events, ensuring the spirit of Audencia reaches every corner of the world. To facilitate the process, ambassadors and chapter members are invited to organise events in their respective cities, showcasing the vibrant diversity of Audencia's global community.

👋Get Involved:

Organising an event for Audencia Around the World is simple and straightforward. Ambassadors and chapter members can easily register their events by filling out the following form


💪🎉Celebrating Sportsmanship:

With the world's attention turned to the Olympic Games, Audencia Around the World provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the universal appeal of sports. 

Whether it's organising a friendly soccer match, hosting a sports-themed trivia night, or participating in a virtual fitness challenge, participants are encouraged to embrace the spirit of competition and camaraderie that defines the world of sports.

😎 Looking Ahead:

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Audencia Around the World 2024, let us reflect on the values that unite us as members of the Audencia Alumni community. 

From the thrill of victory to the bonds forged through shared experiences, this edition promises to be a celebration of resilience, friendship, and the enduring legacy of Audencia.

Mark your calendars, reach out to fellow alumni, and join us as we come together to celebrate the next edition of Audencia Around the World.

Whether you're a seasoned organiser or a first-time participant, your involvement is key to making this edition an unforgettable success.

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